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This year, four Russian companies represented Russia at the international IT event Futur en Seine, which took place in Paris on June 15-22. Invited by RusBase, an international resource covering the Russian startup and venture scene, the Russian startups not only met local businesses but also impressed the public.
Among these Russian startups was Radario, which has developed a SaaS platform for the e-tickets market. Radario prides itself on a 3-click purchasing capability for tickets online, with consumers able to buy from social media as one of the distribution channels available.
Radario’s CEO Sergey Suchkov told RusBase that he considered his trip to Paris as “a strategically important process for us in order to gain entrance to Western Europe.”
“We got accustomed with the European ticketing market,” Suchkov says of the festival participation. “Very few European ticketing platforms are able to integrate social-media purchasing capabilities. We saw our market relevance, and that was the important thing,” he added.
Three other Russian companies attended the festival:

  • Bubuka – A remote control system for music players that allows copyright adherence, which helps businesses such as shops and restaurants to play music legally;
  • Triaxes – Software for producing 3D images;
  • Expasoft – A company with a focus on interactive projects for images.

Meanwhile, several French startups are entering the Russian market. Some of them are supported by Ob-vious, a consulting company that aims to open the first French startup incubator in Moscow.
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