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  • We accept only specific investment proposals – generic proposals are not accepted
  • Provide full contact information with a business email (personal gmail addresses not accepted)
  • Submit the investment target name and location, however the Deal profile will be “blind” without identifying the company name
  • Provide type of business, industry, location, investment amount, type of investment sought
  • Make sure to give enough information for a potential investor to understand the proposal
  • Avoid puffery (“the most fantastic deal since sliced bread”)
  • No forex, loan schemes, commodity offers, pay day loans
  • We will edit the information for clarity and to fit the space alloted within the Deal Book
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  • Title for the investment opportunity (we only accept specific investment offers, not generic investment solicitations)
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More about the FinancePlus Guidelines

  • We accept only specific investment opportunities that have clearly identified investment parameters including investment size, type of investment, country, industry. We do not accept generic investment offers, nor offers of commodities, investment or trading services.
  • We accept deal information from either a primary contact person of a business that is seeking financing (CEO, CFO) or from a business finance professional organization that has a mandate to assist the business with financing (e.g. investment bank, M&A firm).
  • Each deal is posted as a blind profile of the business with your contact information to enable interested investors to contact you. Make sure you include complete contact information.
  • FinancePlus blind profiles are meant to provide enough information that a potential investor is able to get a good feel about the opportunity, and this of course encourages the investor to contact you.
  • To ensure that a potential investor is able to get a good initial impression, it is helpful to have some detailed information about the business (products, market, management and plans) in order to complete an adequate blind profile for posting.
  • You can see examples of the type of detail needed on some of the published deals on our site.
  • You may write the profile yourself or you may provide us with a brochure, investment teaser or memorandum, website, press release or other information from which we can draft an informative blind profile.
  • We review and edit each submission before posting.
  • The blind profile would appear online with your contact information referenced. Our blind profiles reach more than 1,000,000 investment and business professionals in the FinancePlus universe.
  • You may send us a teaser, business summary or other information to help us create your blind profile.

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Sample Deal Pages for Russia Deal Book

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