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FinancePlus is a global community of more than 1,000,000 financial and investment professionals and the largest owner over finance related groups on LinkedIn. FinancePlus was founded on the basis of the extensive cross-border M&A transaction experience of its owners and members as private equity fund managers and corporate finance advisors.
The FinancePlus owns LinkedIn groups that include FinancePlus, Accounting & Audit, Chief Financial Officer – CFO, Private Equity Networking, Mergers & Acquisitions, and TechPlus among others. FinancePlus also owns country business finance and investment related groups in Central and Eastern Europe including some of the largest in Russia and Ukraine.

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FinancePlus LinkedIn Finance and Investment Groups

Finance Plus (~450,000 members)
Accounting & Audit (~130,000 members)
Chief Financial Officer – CFO (~110,000 members)
Private Equity Networking (~58,000 members)
Mergers and Acquisitions (~33,000 members)
Mergers and Acquisitions Executives (~16,000 members)
Private Equity Executives (~3,000 members)
Tech Plus (~58,000 members)
Tech & Finance (~5,700 members)
Equity Capital Markets (~6,100 members)
Debt Capital Markets (~4,100 members)

FinancePlus LinkedIn Country Groups

M&A Central and Eastern Europe (~1,100 members)
Russia Forum (~18,300 members) Ranked #2 for Russia
Russia Legal (~450 members)
Ukraine Connections (~19,600 members) Ranked #1 for Ukraine
Ukraine Executives (~12,100 members) Ranked #3 for Ukraine
Ukraine Forum (~5,000 members) Ranked #6 for Ukraine
Armenia Forum (~1,600 members) Ranked #2
Bulgaria Forum (~7,200 members) Ranked #2
Czech Forum (~6,400 members) Ranked #4
Hungary Forum (~4,000 members) Ranked #4
Poland Forum (~7,200 members) Ranked #6
Romania Forum (~4,000 members)

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