Charles Borden Fall 2018 for Big Moscow

Charles Borden, Managing Editor

Charles is principal developer and editor of the FinancePlus. He has worked in the venture capital and investment industry for more than forty years. During the past thirty years he has served as a consultant to international investment funds and well-known global clients with interests in Central and Eastern Europe. He has been Editor of a number of English language publications in Russia, and author of a number of books. Charles holds an MBA degree from UCLA, and a BS in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University.

Natalia German

Natalia German, Marketing Manager

Natalia has extensive experience with responsible positions with international businesses in Russia. For the past ten years she has worked with international real estate sales and marketing, and participated and organized programs and presentations for real estate throughout Europe. Previously she gained experience in the publishing and conference industries. She is a graduate of Moscow Lomonosov State University in the Philological faculty of the Linguistics Department, and also completed graduate studies. Natalia is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English, and also speaks Spanish and French.