The Company has developed a new iOS, GPS-based app for parents, caregivers and children, which provides a better way for families to keep in touch by using advanced geofencing and alerting technology. The Company offers a sense of security and peace of mind for parents and equips children with important security and communications features.

A secondary product offering is the iBeacon, a small standalone wireless sensor that dramatically increases the precision of Apple location services. It allows the user to see the location of someone relative to the iBeacon for use in a home, vehicle, school, or wherever the user sees fit. The location is accurate to within a few feet.

The Company’s management team, comprised of former telecom, nonprofit, technology and professional sports executives, has experience in rapid growth, venture-capital funded and Fortune 500 companies; the lead investor and company spokesperson is a high-profile current NFL player.

The U.S. market potential for mobile monitoring applications alone is $3.05 billion. The Company is positioned to become the leader in the mobile monitoring market, which has a customer base exceeding 38M parents and caregivers benefiting over 75M children.

Not only is the Company suited for parents, caregivers and children, the market also includes elderly parents, particularly those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or memory loss. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total U.S. market alone is 43.2M customers.

The Company recently soft-launched its product in the App Store. The Company generates its revenue via a paid subscription service that also allows the user to buy the iBeacon products. Additionally, the Company has secured major channel partnerships with an NFL sports agency with more than 150 current NFL players who will promote the app via their 14.7M social media followers. Other partnerships include companies with 5M+ consumer customer bases.

The company is seeking their second seed round of funding, which will be used for the completion of its Beta program, continued product development, and for implementing its marketing infrastructure and strategy for both pre- and post-launch efforts – launch will be in September ’15.

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