The Company has a Paywall-as-a-Service offering for Web publishing (text/print and video) and is available for acquisition. This US based company is a full SaaS offering, making it very easy for a content publishers to monetize their content by deploying a tiered paywall-based content strategy over their various properties with no expertise, no infrastructure, and no upfront costs. Customers simply add a few lines of code into their Websites, identify which content is behind the paywall, and how to bill (cost per article, first 10 views free, etc.), and they are up and running with a revenue-generating premium content strategy in minutes.

As a Paywall-as-a-Service solution the Company takes care of authentication, billing, etc. in a revenue share model with its publisher (text and video content) clients. The Company currently has on over 75 websites across 30 publishers as customers in a recurring, monthly revenue model.

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Bois Capital
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