The Company offers a beneficial, patented hydration system for runners and walkers on the market that encourage proper form and posture while exercising. Its 3-product package includes sleek active wear apparel, a continuously-hydrating electrolyte formula, and balanced running bottles that store said hydration.

Runners and walkers start becoming dehydrated in 15 minutes but do not start feeling the negative effects till about 45 minutes. To make matters worse every hydration system on the market are cumbersome to use and some can cause injuries over time because they throw off your rhythm, gait and stride.

The Company aims to maximize the performance of every runner and walker with its revolutionary products. The Company’s leadership team has designed a business models to ensure that all three Company products are purchased together.

Achievements so far:
• Investors are already on board. So far, we’ve $90,000 plus have two verbal commitments for $95,000 more and others that are interested that will make a decision within the next week. Once we reach $250,000 our 1st tranche will close and share prices will double from .50¢ to $1 per share for our 2nd tranche.
• Partnered with TVA Media Group. The CEO, Jeffrey Goddard, is a marathon runner and contacted us because he knows potential our products have. The best part is he knows what a marketable product looks like with over $6B in sells. TVA is responsible for our Direct Response Commercial production and airing. The commercial will be aired 5000 times per month.
• Supply chain is strong and ready. From manufacturing to fulfillment, our business experts have everything already in place to quickly produce and move goods.
• Solid sales history. Though made under the umbrella of the previous company, 2200 pairs of bottles have been sold.
• Intellectual property. We’ve obtained the rights to an issued patent as well as all other IP rights, including complete engineering design for bottles and weight, video, pictures, all plans, research, and websites.

Now we’re ready to build on that momentum by expanding into all areas of the sporting goods industry, strategically adding products and lines under the APG brand name. Three months after tranche 1 funding is secured, all tooling and product development will be complete, with flagship products stocked and ready for distribution. At this point we’ll ramp up the marketing efforts with the launch of a DR TV commercial and a strong social media campaign. The result? Massive traction gained within our target market. Our end game is a franchising/retail model.

As we prepare to take APG to the next level, we recently launched a page on Fundable, the largest crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to startups and small businesses. If you’d like to help us continue our momentum, there are a couple of ways you can support our growth:

1. Are you an SEC accredited investor or a foreign investor?
● Consider investing in this financing round.

2. You’re not an SEC accredited investor but still want to help?
● Help get the word out to investors that might be interested in this type of investment
● Connect me to anyone in your personal networks that may be interested in this type of opportunity
● Share our profile through your social media networks.

You can see our funding profile and get more information here:

Minimum investment $20,000.

Deal Contact:
Athletes Performance Gear, Inc.
John Hobbs
[email protected]