Vision Media London Limited is seeking £228,645 seed finance against 30% equity to launch as a video-on-demand brand and produce a range of programs aimed to satisfy the tastes of 18-30 year-old demographic model and Nigerian diaspora of 3,000,000 in UK and 3,250,000 in US, of largely college, or university students, or young professionals, plus 48,366,179 Nigerian Internet users.

The website will be hosted from UK and linked to payment gateway to process major credit cards, PayPal, plus local Nigerian SMS money transfer, and credit cards. Next Generation Networks (NGN) for smartphones will drive convergence of data and video/TV, enabling the provision of triple-play services that will partly monetize the operation.

The hallmark to our website VOD and Mobile TV success will be providing free 10-minute example video clips of a weekly celebratory reality series called “Star Rider”, plus a weekly hip magazine review show called “Backstage” as well as a monthly live music concert series called “Afro Sunsplash”. This will whet the audience appetites and entice them to signup to our monthly payment plan of £1.21 ($2.0) for either “Star Rider”, and/or “Backstage”, or £2.43 ($4.00) for “Afro Sunsplash”, using credit cards, PayPal, or SMS money transfer. Customers will be able to download and actually purchase a digital movie file, rather than rent for limited period.

Best-case scenario is based on different revenue streams from VOD and banner advertising beginning with 0.04% market penetration and 0.01% monthly growth rate, which will enable repayment the start of the 2nd year. Worst-case scenario is based on approximately half of the estimated yearly growth rate.

Contact for more information:
Vision Media London Limited
Martin Baker
+44 208 878 5203
[email protected]