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Maxfield Capital, a venture fund operating globally from its offices in Moscow, New York City and Tel Aviv, has invested an undisclosed amount in Zdravprint, a Russian startup that develops medical 3D-printing technology.
It is the first time Zdravprint has received venture money, the fund’s Corporate Communications Director Nadir Khabdulin told East-West Digital News.
Zdravprint’s technology is designed to replace plaster casts, creating lightweight and durable customized splints from low-temperature bioplastics, notes Rusbase. Doctors may thus create specifically “programmed” splints for patients, based on the size of the damaged limb. The measurements of the limb can be entered into a phone app, with the splint then delivered straight to the hospital.

Zdravprint’s products are individual, comfortable, hygienic, durable and inexpensive. The startup claims to be the first on the market to combine such features.
The technology has already been tested on more than 40 people. By Zdravprint’s estimates, the potential size of the market in Russia exceeds $100 million.
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