“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind” –F. Scott Fitzgerald

Russia represents a US$40 bln market for alcoholic beverages, with beer sales at approximately US$15 bln (38%). However, Russia also has a substantial black market with illegal products accounting for 38% of the alcohol market and up to 50% of vodka sales in 2016. Sales of alcoholic beverages have been declining since 2008 with beer sales down 40% in that period.

The market is close to levelling off as the economy pulls out of recession and heads into sustainable, if modest, annual growth. There is fast growth in sales of non-alcoholic beer and demand for Russian wines is also growing fast with production growth of almost 15% YoY in 2015. This strong growth trend is expected to continue. Demand for cider, perry and mead is also rising strongly and, in aggregate, volumes rose 35% in 2015 YoY.

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