Restaurant reservation service Quandoo, a major European rival to OpenTable, is being acquired by Japan’s Recruit in a deal worth 27.11 billion yen, that’s around $219 million.

Berlin-based Quandoo, which was founded in 2012, took a strategic investment from Recruit — via its RGIP venture capital fund — in October, and now the Japanese company has returned to snap up the remaining 92.91 percent of the company to give it 100 percent ownership. Last year Quandoo closed its Series $25m growth financing round lead by Piton Capital, along with Holtzbrinck Ventures and DN Capital.

Quandoo is an online reservation system that is used by over 6,000 restaurants in 10 countries in Europe, South Africa, Lebanon and Singapore. The company said that it is seeing particular momentum in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Poland, but it did not provide more specific figures.

The deal is an interesting one because Recruit, as the name suggests, started out in the business of connecting job seekers with potential employers when it began life in 1960. It has since branched out to become a “global matching platform” that offers 10 different kinds of services, including HR, education, travel, housing and (in Japan) dining.

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