The Company plans to produce high density and high strength construction materials from α form of gypsum. Despite its excellent technical qualities, this material has not been used in construction because of its high production costs. The Company is seeking investment of about USD 5m.

The Company has developed and patented a technology and machinery which decrease the energy intensity of the α form production by 2 to 3 times and shorten the production cycle from 24-78 hours to 10-12 hours, which will render this product highly competitive.
The Project plans to build a pilot plant in Latvia, which will produce α form construction material to be supplied to the international market, and prove the viability of the material to the industry.

Going forward, The Company will generate most of its revenues from selling licenses and machinery to other construction materials producers. In addition, The Company plans to acquire a gypsum quarry in order to ensure the supply of raw materials to the plant and sell the remainder to local building materials producers.

The Company is seeking funding possibilities for the first stage of the Project. The investor will start to enjoy safe and high returns on investment already within 3 years from the launch of the Project with long term continuous wealth growth in the Company that is projected to be worth several billion Euros.

Deal Contact:
Baltic Gypsum Technologies, Ltd.
Valdis Poikans
[email protected]