The Company is developing seven universally and strategically placed 160,000 square foot family entertainment centers. It is targeting major tourist cities with a large local consumer base. The first location would be in Orlando.

The Company’s family entertainment centers are sports venues and arenas, similar to well-known venues such as Wembley, Chicago Stadium or Madison Square Garden. The parks would be company owned and operate and own the concessions as well, and own the media content and any broadcast rights. The Company believes that it is the only company of its kind presenting family entertainment in this segment of the family entertainment space.

The Company is working in the $220 billion extreme sports and family entertainment industry. Extreme sports, a largely untapped market, has 185 million participants worldwide. With 13 million skaters in the US alone, skating is now more popular with kids and young adults than the national pastime, baseball.

The first location in Orlando projects 471,900 visitors during the first 18 months of operation. Patrons are anticipated to spend on average $80 to skate, BMX, buy clothes, eat at a restaurant or cafe, have a drink in the lounge overlooking the park, go to our Athena Learning Center and branded Media Lab, and to stay in the themed hotel.

The Centers will offer scholarships to local kids for after school programs and work with the school systems to offer extra curricular activities.

A few main points:
a. 13 million kids skateboard versus 12 million kids that play baseball in the US.
b. Over 150 million kids worldwide are involved in action sports which includes skate and BMX (bike).
c. This market is a $220 billion worldwide lifestyle industry. It is a lifestyle segment that includes apparel (skateboards/bikes and clothing), media, technology and education.
d. There is no real home, “mecca” or family destination for this segment.
e. BMX became an Olympic sport in 2012, and skateboarding will be in 2016 following snowboarding in 2018.
f. Orlando is the largest tourist destination in the US – 60 million visitors annually.
g. Projections show $10 million ++ in first year sales (without events and concerts) scaling to $32 million.
h. There are opportunities in sports media, sponsorship and branding. The Company plans to retain all rights to it content and offer the major and local broadcasters an opportunity to broadcast events.
i. The center will have 160,000 square feet of indoor outdoor space in Orlando.
j. There are plans to expand to the Meadowlands (LOI), the Mall of America, and LasVegas. Each location sees 40 million tourists a year.
k. The Centers would be an attraction for the extreme enthusiasts, families, local community alike.
l. BMX became an Olympic sport in 2012, and skateboarding will be in the 2016 games, similar to snowboarding in 2008.

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