This opportunity involves the acquisition of a Tantalum mine and an operational Plant/Company during a privatization.

Company Overview:
Company was established in year 2000 in accordance with the Commercial Code of the local African government. The Company has a capacity of 215 tons per annum and 475 permanent employees. With current prices, annual revenues could reach around $40mn (without any expansionary efforts). The Company was very recently replenished and restarted operations.
Mine reserves are estimated at 17,000 tons of Tantalum Pentoxide. Acquiring this mine will allow the operator to control 9% of the global Tantalum production.

Company Mission:
• Engagement in prospecting, exploration and evaluation of mineral deposits excluding petroleum, natural gas and geothermal energy
• Development of economical mineral deposits
• Constancy services in the field of mineral exploration and evaluation
• Offering exploratory services such as; core drilling, and ground and bore-hole geophysics, surveying, chemical analysis, and geological investigations
• Participating in joint venture in the development, production and sales of mineral commodities

Product Description:
• Tantalite Concentrates to be used as raw material for the production of the Ta and Nb value and products
• Tantalum Pentroxide (Ta2O5) with a purity level 99.99% which is a marketable grade
• Niobium Pentoxide (NB2O5) with purity level of 99.00% which is a marketable grade
• Tantalum K-Salt (K2TaF7) powder with purity level of 99.80%

Target Markets:
• The products are destined for foreign markets demanding: Tantalite Concentrate, Tantalum Pentoxide and Niobium Pentoxide powders.
• The Company restarted production of cleaned Tantalite Concentrate using Sulfuric Acid leaching process in order to remove radioactive substances (Uranium and Thorium).
• Market share, which primarily includes Tantalum and Niobium Pentoxide powder, is increasing significantly in recent years. The demand increased from 14% in 2005 to 36% in 2011.

Year 2009: 144.7 tons
Year 2010: 298.6 tons
Year 2011: 187.1 tons
Year 2012: 116.3 tons

Financial History:
Year 2009: Revenues $4mn and EBITDA $1mn
Year 2010: Revenues $7.8mn and EBITDA $2.7mn
Year 2011: Revenues $15.7mn and EBITDA $10.3mn
Year 2012: Revenues $5mn (due to Plant being put on hold for refurbishment).