The Moscow Times
Three Russian tycoons are bidding against each other for the lucrative project to redevelop Sheremetyevo Airport’s Northern Terminal Complex, a news report said Tuesday.

Applications have been submitted by Transstroi, Renova and TPS Avia Group, the airport’s communications manager said.

Oleg Deripaska is Transstroi’s main shareholder, while fellow magnates Viktor Vekselberg and Arkady Rotenberg own controlling stakes in Renova and TPS Avia Group respectively.

The plans involve building a new terminal that can cope with 40 million passengers per year as part of the airport’s development plan that runs until 2030.

The investor will initially have to build a complex for 10 million passengers per year on the site of Terminal B, as well as an underground tunnel to connect the north and south of the airport, Kommersant reported.

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