Evolve: Capturing Opportunities in Today’s Market
As confidence in the U.S. economy grows, leverage levels increase and international crises die down, M&A activity is vastly improving. The market is now brimming with buyers and sellers ready to transact. The smart investment bankers, private equity firms and other dealmaking professionals are finding ways to use M&A to add value for companies, investors and the economy.

In response to the changing M&A market, the 2014 Summer Conference theme is Evolve: Capturing Opportunities in Today’s Market. Be part of this year’s most anticipated industry event for a program that connects 500+ dealmakers representing countries all over the world.

Join us for the 2014 Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors’ Summer Conference, July 22-24 in Chicago, and learn where to find the opportunities today. You’ll hear from a diverse roster of successful dealmakers sharing their insights about current market conditions, and how they get their deals over the finish line.