Forbes December 16, 2013
Disclosure: There are hundreds of active angel investors and I know there are many worthy people I am leaving out of this list. Please email me your information if you feel like I should have mentioned you, for my future articles: [email protected]

Methodology: Our team at RockThePost, a startup investing marketplace that connects early-stage high-growth startups with accredited investors, compiled this list by evaluating the number of startups each angel investor funded to date according to publicly available data, in addition to their influence in the early-stage startup ecosystem. Sources used during research process were CrunchBase, RockThePost, Venture Deal, Forbes, BusinessInsider, BusinessWeek, and AngelList, among others.

With less than 3% of seed deals being funded by venture capitalists, seed funding has become more accessible thanks to the rise in angel investor activity in the past few years. Between friends & family financing, which is estimated to be a $100 billion industry and angel activity estimated at $20 billion, more than $120 billion dollars are invested in early-stage startups annually.
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