Overcoming Risks to Enable an Efficient U.S. Energy Transition

The energy transition is rapidly accelerating, fueled by economic, technological, societal, regulatory, & investment forces. In this report, we look at the main risks associated with this rapidly evolving environment 👉https://lnkd.in/d6VnqHsr
💡 As the demand for wind energy grows and efforts to decarbonize continue, the risk landscape is becoming more complex.
● Learn how unmitigated financing risks can jeopardize project success
● Gain insights into insurance market trends, risk appetites, and pricing
● Explore renewable project risks that vary by geography and technology
● Understand tax credit considerations for renewable energy projects
● Deep dive into workforce-related challenges in the wind energy sector
● How to manage evolving risks associated with the energy transition
This whitepaper has been developed in association with insurance brokerage and risk management firm #Marsh