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Highly Profitable Turkish Business Software Company seeking Investors

Established in 2010, the Company has been serving large enterprises with services such as receivable management, telcom, banking, financial, law enterprises that require collection platforms for NLPs (non-performing loans). The Company has developed a special integrated receivable collection product that involves calling system, CRM application, call center, database, call voice recording, SMS application and many […]


Startup Shrimp Farming Business in the US Seeking Funding

The Company is a new start-up operation that will be using patent pending technology to naturally and sustainably raise saltwater shrimp on a scale never achieved before with traditional shrimp farms -whether they’re foreign or domestic. Worldwide market conditions have led to shortages and historic high prices and a questionably raised non-USDA inspected frozen imported […]


Partnership and Investment with the Largest Golf-travel Operator in Bulgaria

The Company is the largest golf-travel operator in Bulgaria, and it dominates local incoming traffic of Golfers from Europe and all over the world who come to Bulgaria for a golf vacation. OPPORTUNITY — The global golf-travel market around the world generates turnover of over $2 Billion per year. — Bulgaria with its newly built […]

Rapidly growing vegetable processing company seeking for working & expansion capital

The Company is a specialized agricultural business with a focus on garlic products. It produces garlic sauce, pickle, mash & powder in addition selling raw garlic. It also provides private labelling based on order for products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, lemon sauce, soy sauce, apple vinegar, pickled peppers and many more. Other features and terms […]


Sub Saharan Africa Travel Services Merger Seeks Private Equity

Existing travel services businesses in Sub Saharan Africa(SSA) plan to merge their travel management companies to form a leading travel group (the “Group” or “TCI”) for the region. TCI will be a growing force in the travel industry in Africa, operating competitively throughout SSA. TCI is a Mauritius-based travel services group, invested in a portfolio […]


Bangladesh Vertically Integrated Garment Plant Available for Purchase

An EM focused Investment Bank has been mandated to structure and execute the sale of a family owned state of the art garment manufacturing unit. The Investment Bank is seeking strategic sector investors who may be interested in a strategic acquisition that would give them enhanced low cost production facilities and access to the Western […]


Inexpensive Pub-Style Restaurant Chain in Ireland Seeks Funding

This young but experienced company is based in Ireland, and currently focusing on a new and exciting project. Recently, the business acquired a national franchise license for an inexpensive pub-style restaurant format that is already successfully operating in seven other countries and constantly expanding. This particular chain is known for its low-priced drink and snack […]


Brazilian Mineral Water Producer Available for Purchase

The Company is a Brazilian Mineral Water enterprise with an ISO9001 certification. Brazil has only seven businesses in this segment. The Company is a family business; the owners plan to sell the assets due to a lack of heirs to lead the Company in the future. Key Points: • The Mineral Water market in Brazil […]

Jean Baptiste Jessiaume at Domaine Chanzy

Burgundy dons a bowler hat to head for the City

The Sunday Times November 16, 2014 A FAMILY of winemakers from Burgundy will descend on a prestigious club in St James’s, central London, next week. They will be uncorking some of their finest bottles to whet investors’ appetites for what is believed to be the first flotation of a French vineyard on the London stock […]


Brazilian Water Treatment Company on Offer

This water and wastewater treatment business is located in Rio de Janeiro with a branch in São Paulo. The Company was founded in 1990. The Company’s main services are water chemical treatment for cooling systems, boilers and drinking water. In addition, the Company’s laboratory also sells water and wastewater tests services, including sample collection for […]