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Plant to Produce Peat, Pellets, Green Energy

Invest in a self-sufficient high yield wood processing business producing green energy, pellets and peat.The BusinessA Montenegrin wood processing plant plans to extend its business to produce pellets, peat and energy co-generation. A stock of 100,000 tons of peat raw material is currently available as feedstock. The pellet factory is in place, but it needs […]

Metro – Heavy Construction Business

Invest in an experienced, specialty infrastructure and building contractor with an ability to take on additional public and private projectsThe BusinessOver the past 35 years, the Company has completed 65 km of subway tunnels in Bucharest including subway stations, galleries and entries. It has also constructed during the past 22 years over 100 building projects […]

Bitumen Import Facilities at the Port of Constanta

Develop new port facilities with a well-established Romanian design and construction firmThe BusinessThe Project is a business and facilities to import 250,000 – 300,000 tons/year bitumen and 150,000 tons/year of heavy fuel oil for electrical power stations to be located at the port at Constanta on Romania’s Black Sea coast. The Project Promoter is a […]

Agricultural Waste to Energy Conversion Plant

Invest in a green project that not only produces energy but also protects soil and groundwater resourcesThe BusinessThe principal objective of the Project is to convert agricultural waste into energy and to protect the soil and groundwater. The Project will accomplish its objective by efficiently converting manure and slurry into de-mineralized water and dried fertilizer […]

PET Regenerate Recycling Plant

Invest in an energy efficient plastic recycling plant a market with rapidly expanding demandThe BusinessThe Project involves the development of a plant for simultaneous production of polyethylene regenerate and PET regenerate (in bottle-to-bottle system) as well as of liquid fuel. The plant will be energy self-sustaining. This Project is based upon new technology that allows […]

New, Modern Commercial Properties in the Frontier of Russia’s Pacific Coast Energy Development Projects

Acquire a commercial property with further development potential that is strategically located in one of Russia’s leading energy provinces.The BusinessThis commercial Property consists of: • New four-star 149-room hotel in an eight-story 10,000 square meter building • A-Class office building with 9900 square meters of leasable space • Two hectares of adjacent land available for […]

Automated Code Scanning Products to Reduce Operational Costs, Risks

Invest in an experienced SAP team that has a unique product that assists businesses to improve visibility into software and business processesThe BusinessThis Calgary based Company was formed in 2009 to consolidate SAP consulting revenues that had been generated for over nine years by the principals of the company. Consulting activities had expanded slowly, but […]

Leading Moroccan Seafood Processor – Exporter

Leading fish/seafood processing for export and local distribution of wild catch fresh & Frozen fish /seafood. in business for the past 7 years, well established list of client importers : supermakets, wholesalers and distributors abroad. The BusinessThe Company sources seafood from two zones: the Central Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. These coasts extend 3400 […]

Phoenix Financial Services: Software Solutions for the Financial Industry

Alternativa provides a public market for small and medium enterprises under a structure that has been approved by the French L’Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel (ACP). A direct investment in shares of this Company may be eligible for tax concessions for the investor under French law. For more information […]

Full-Service Commercial Bank

Acquire a financial institution in a fast developing market with developed branch network, and a banking license that would enable non-EU domiciled investors to bank throughout the EUThe BusinessThe Company is a universal commercial bank that offers a full spectrum of products and services for corporate customers, institutions and individuals. It is registered as a […]